Over the past 36 years Cranhill Art's workshops have been training local communities and organisations in photography, exhibition design, and layout that have produced many culturally significant exhibitions  

Previous exhibitions include: 

Clyde Built, Celebrate 2014, Glaswegians, Glasgow Family Album, Future Memories, Faces, Guayaquil, Guayaquil Revisited, Here’s looking at you Kid, Khayelitsha out of town, out of sight, Out of the Biscuit Tin, Out of Sight, Reach out to End Sectarianism, Score out Sectarianism, The Irish in Glasgow, Talking Pictures, Violence no way back.  

Venues Include:

22 British embassies throughout the world, Glasgow City Chambers, Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, King Street Gallery, Platform, St Mungo Museum of Religious life and Art and the Tramway.