Violence No Way Back


This Innovative work was driven by young people from Glasgow’s Anti Gang Violence Peer Education Group. Cranhill Arts  trained and guided the group through a series of workshops, tackling the issues surrounding alcohol, gang support and violence. 

The result was a thought provoking exhibition, which illustrated through photography, sculptures and dance how easily it is to get involved in incidents that spiral out of control. The consequences of which, can be life changing for everyone involved. 

Senese over Sectarianism

Score Out Sectarianism That is our Goal    

This inspiring work has been created by pupils from Thorntree Primary School, St Timothy’s Primary School and young people from across Glasgow who were determined to create a positive message while raising awareness of the issues surrounding sectarianism.Their work illustrated how pupils from different denominations and young people from across Glasgow can get past perceived barriers, by working together to deliver a clear anti sectarianism message.